TVH Awards


Dr. Tracy Dobbs, Colors of the Hunt 2012

Dr. Autumn Sorenson, Colors of the Hunt 2012

Cheryl Handler, Feast and Founder Award 2012

Dt Tracy and Debbie Dobbs, Heart of the Hunt 2012

Isabella Niceley, Hunt Horse of the Year 2012

John R. Niceley, Colors of the Hunt 2012

Judith Craw, Teenie Hayworth Horsemanship Award 2012

Dr. LeeAnn Blackford, Colors of the Hunt 2012

Lorin Grimsley, Colors of the Hunt 2012

Nicolette Merle-Smith, Colors of the Hunt 2012

Pat Sandlin, Keenest Foxhunter 2012

Russell Haynes, White Knight Award 2012

Ryan Broyles, Best Turnout Award for 2011-2012 Season

Steve White, Colors of the Hunt 2012

Judith Craw, Appreciation Award recipient in 2010

Erin Doyle, Colors of the Hunt recipient in 2011

Maribel Koella, ex-MFH, 2009 Dedication Award recipient

Emma Larson, Future of the Hunt Award recipient in 2008

'10 Heart of the Hunt Award recipients, Gro and Rosie

Steve White's Sundance, 2011 Hunt Horse of the Year

Gretchen Pelham, MFH, 2010 Keenest Foxhunter

Dr. and Mrs. Dobbs, 2011 Sustenance Award recipients

Laurie Rush, '11 Teenie Hayworth Horsemanship Award

Erin Doyle, recipient of Best Turned-Out Award in 2010

Russell Bowman, TVH White Knight in 2011

Dr. Tom Gallaher Colors 2013

Callie Blackford Colors 2013

Cheryl Handler Colors 2013

Debbie Dobbs Best Turnout 2013

Debbie Dobbs (and Tulip) Feast and Founder 2013

Dene Masengill-Jones Heart of the Hunt 2013

Dr. Autumn Sorensen Horsemanship 2013

Erin Bozdan Ratcatcher to Colors 2013

Kennedy Scruggs MFHA Fairly Hunted JR 2013

McKenzie Burkhalter MFHA Faily Hunted JR 2013

MFHA's Faily Hunted Juniors 2013

Michaela Crenshaw MFHA Faily Hunted JR 2013

Olivia Knight MFHA Faily Hunted JR 2013

Olivia Berrier Toughest Junior 2013

Rickadad Craw Horse of the Year 2013

Ryan Broyles Keenest Foxhunter 2013

Ryan Broyles Colors 2013

Foxhunting is not competitive in the way of horse shows or other sports. The essence of foxhunting can be found in the enjoyment of good sport, camaraderie among friends, and preservation of an outdoor lifestyle.  Therefore, bestowing awards is looked upon by the Masters as a dubious honor. By recognizing some, we do not wish to diminish the contributions of others. Certainly, in foxhunting, we are all winners! However, each season, individual subscribers, horses or hounds will stand out. So, in a spirit of good will, awards are given and many are recognized for their contributions.


The highest honor bestowed upon individuals by the Masters is the awarding of the Colors of the Hunt. This award is presented to those who demonstrate competency in the hunt field, who consistently support the club by serving on or chairing committees, who provide services to the Hunt, and who are deemed worthy by the Masters. This is a significant honor.  Subscribers with colors are expected to accept leadership roles.  They promote the hunt and encourage and assist newcomers. Responsibility does not end with the award of colors; on the contrary, that is where it begins! Once you are awarded colors, the Masters will look to you for support above and beyond the demands of subscription. We hope you consider this action a compliment!


In addition to Colors of the Hunt, other awards include:

  • Hunt Horse of the Year - for the horse who exemplifies the very best qualities of a field hunter: respectful of hounds and other horses,  a bold and careful jumper. Never kicks or causes incidents. Carries his or her rider safely in all conditions, a pleasure to ride, the horse everyone wishes to own.
  • Heart of the Hunt - awarded to the person or persons who give to the hunt for the love of hunting and sport, who are selfless in their promotion of foxhunting, who are dedicated to TVHC and demonstrate their commitment through actions that perpetuate our sport.
  • Teenie Hayworth Horsemanship Award - perpetual trophy donated by Mary Sue Younger and Jim Schmidhammer, ex-MFH, in honor of their dear friend Teenie Hayworth, who, herself represents the finest qualities of good horsemanship-a thoughtful and skilled rider who rides with confidence and skill, whose horses are well turned out, beautifully trained, and represent the best of the sport.
  • Keenest Foxhunter - awarded to the avid foxhunter who passionately pursues the sport with zest and enthusiasm, always present, always positive--a committed and dedicated subscriber. This perpetual trophy was created by the late Rupert Knierim, himself a keen foxhunter of the very best sort.
  • Brownie Marsh Sustenance (“Feast and Founder") Award - a perpetual trophy donated by one of our favorite chefs, Brownie Marsh. Awarded to the person or persons who are dedicated to fine dining and whose contributions to the hunt contribute to our celebratory feasting.
  • Best Turned-Out (new in 2010) - Awarded by Joint Masters Rosemarie and Grosvenor Merle-Smith to the individual whose pride in appearance, correctness  and turn-out of horse and rider create a positive image of TVH, both at home and when visiting other hunts.
  • Hound Hall of Fame - awarded to the TVH hound whose hunting ability, drive, voice  and conformation define the best of the Penn-Marydel breed; an exemplary  hound that is faithful and trusted by the huntsman and masters.
  • Dedication Award - presented by the Masters to the TVH Subscriber whose dedication to TVH is over the top -and whose actions and commitment to the success of the hunt are exemplary in every way.
  • Future of the Hunt - awarded to the Junior Subscriber whose love of hunting and commitment to good sportsmanship and horsemanship demonstrate all the best qualities of a future leader and supporter of the Tennessee Valley Hunt
  • Appreciation Award - a special honor, presented to the individual whose unselfish service to the hunt characterizes all that is best about foxhunters and hunting.